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Ziggy’s Raw Feeding Seminar

As obvious as it may sound, cats and dogs were in existence long before man created kibble! Kibble was invented for the convenience of man not for the benefit of cats and dogs. If left to its own devices a dog will catch or scavenge its food from the prey of others and will eat virtually everything, flesh (source of essential protein) fat (source of energy), bone (source of calcium and other minerals), organ meats and stomach, an excellent source of enzymes, minerals and pre-digested plant material.

As a society we are now so technologically advanced we can find a drug that will remove symptoms of most disease processes but often neglect to find the underlying cause. In our predominantly convenience based culture poor nutritional status is nearly always one of the problems as people rely so heavily on processed foods for themselves and their pets.

The speakers for the one day seminar are:

Nick Thompson MRCVS Raw Feeding – Old Ideas and New Thoughts. Nick has been a raw food advocate for 20 years. Today he will talk about………

The basics – a quick run through on raw food feeding for those new to the concept.

Tips and tricks for better food and an easier life

Cats are carnivores; what are dogs?

Food labels – how to read them and understand what they mean!

Carbs – Good or bad?

Obesity and diabetes

Supplements for optimal health

Come along and hear Nick speak on this safe, health-giving and common sense approach to feeding dogs and cats.

Suzi McIntyre MRCVS Suzi is an experienced holistic veterinary surgeon who has developed Pet Plus to promote health in cats and dogs. She has developed a profound interest in the relationship between food and health in both people and animals.

Suzi is a witty and entertaining speaker who never fails to educate and inspire her audience.

Mathew Bell. Verm-X – The Powerful Alternative. Verm-X is a herbal preparation that is able to eradicate and expel intestinal challenges i.e parasites for domestic pets, horses, poultry and farm animals. Mathew will talk about the preparation of Verm-X, when to give Verm-X, how Verm-X works and much more.

Limited spaces available. Book early to avoid disappointment. Tickets cost £50 to include tea, coffee, a BBQ lunch and goody bag.

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Tickets can be purchased directly from Ziggy’s in Forest Row, or by phone 01342 822936 or via our Facebook page